Uninstall apps effectively from your Mac

Manage and Uninstall Apps from Mac with Simple Steps

  • 1. Manage and uninstall apps from Mac in a simple interface
  • 2. Scan out all installed applications on a list, and allow people to uninstall them directory
  • 3. Delete useless and outdated apps quickly with this uninstaller to free up hard disk space
  • 4. Track down all of app's belongings and remove them thoroughly without leftovers
  • 5. Uninstall incompatible apps which cannot be used with other apps as well as the Mac

How Mac X Uninstaller Remove App for You

When uninstall an app from Mac

You might know --- drag it to the Trash

But, the important thing you might not know is: associated files like the app's Application Support files, preferences and caches are still left behind.

If you don't want the app removal leave vestiges behind every time, or take less time to manage the complete app removal on your Mac, you can apply Mac X Uninstaller on the device, and let the professional removal tool to scan and remove everything of the unwanted app quickly.

Check the video and see how Mac X Uninstaller do this job for you.
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Mac X Uninstaller has a group of computer experts, which are specialized in helping customers to deal with different kinds of app removing problem on Mac. For any removing problem or app that cannot be uninstalled successfully, you can fell free to ask for help via contacting our support team via email. Tips: providing the app name, version, as well as more details of the removing problem will be very helpful for us to troubleshoot your problem as quickly as possible.

Our support team are very delightful to:

  • Share useful tips and advice for app removal on Mac
  • Provide answers and instructions towards your request
  • Provide extra and necessary files or tools to assist you in removing a specific app

Totally and Quickly Remove Apps From Mac