About Us

Who we are

Under www.macremover.com, there are a group of computer professionals who have been worked for computer technology more than 10 years. And we are such a big family that are specialized in troubleshooting different of computer operation problems, program running issues, and most importantly, provide the effective way to uninstall different types applications on the Mac. To date, our uninstall product have been served more than 50,000 people all around the world, and uninstalled nearly 300,000 third party applications on their Mac.

Our Vision

We Are Good At

Uninstall apps on Mac

Remove unwanted applications people installing on their Macs, including those with large side or complicated structure on the computer.

Forcibly delete stubborn files

Conduct a force removal for those stubborn or hidden files on the Mac, which guarantee a 100% removal.

Provide tech support for customers

Tech support after-purchase is additionally provided for free for all customers, people can contact us via email to ask for help for their removing problems.